rkd retail/iQ
bbg G4
bbg G4 will feature new thinking of all aspects of the current hypermarket format in terms of merchandise assortment, planning design and operation/customer service. so new is the thinking of bbg G4 that "hypermarket" will no longer be part of the name. compact and trade up are core attributes of the new direction of bbg G4.

Based on a clear understanding of changing customer demands bbg G4 will present a younger spirited store with integrated food + beverage edited merchandise assortment category centers with deeper merchandise solutions focused on middle to upper level customers in an environment that makes all customers feel welcome.

Although bbg G4 is a new to the market evolution the design concept essence is the basic human standard of commerce for centuries the traditional market. the most important attributes of the traditional market will carry forward into bbg G4 merchandise dominance and social interaction.

rkd retail/iQ developed all creative expressions of bbg G4 in terms of strategy
concept planning + design graphic communication and construction documentation and is currently implementing the program in selected locations in China.
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